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Reasons for the wrinkle of kraft paper tape?

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ECO friendly kraft paper tapemanufacturer introduction for kraft paper tape packaging and printing manufacturers, the most common problem is the wrinkle and deformation of kraft paper tape, which is also the problem most reported by customers, but in fact, many times, the wrinkle of kraft paper tape is not caused by the quality of kraft paper tape itself, but more by external factors.
The deformation of kraft paper tape is mainly caused by the moisture in the paper.
Kraft paper tape is composed of plant fiber, so kraft paper tape has strong dehydration and water absorption.
No matter dehydration or water absorption, kraft paper tape will be deformed and wrinkled.
This is also why moisture content is one of the important factors to measure the quality of kraft paper tape.
When the moisture content of the base paper of kraft paper tape changes, the paper fiber will expand or contract due to water absorption and dehydration, and the hydrogen bond will also change the binding force during water absorption or dehydration, so as to deform the kraft paper tape.
Kraft paper tape has strong water absorption, which is easy to be damped by water at the time of poor packaging and storage.
When kraft paper tape is damped by water absorption and dehydrated, it will generally become brittle and curly.
Therefore, in the storage of kraft paper tape, we must control the humidity of the warehouse environment.

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