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Problems to be solved in food kraft paper!

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ECO friendly kraft paper manufacturer introduced that In the field of food packaging in China, food grade kraft paper has been transferred to the direction of food grade kraft paper. The application of food grade kraft paper in the field of food packaging is more and more extensive. However, due to the initial stage of transformation, there are still many problems to be solved in the food packaging market in China. At present, there are mainly the following problems to be solved:
1. Food safety awareness of food grade packaging kraft paper needs to be improved
As we all know, the packaging materials used for food packaging must meet the food level standards. Moreover, China has clear regulations in this respect, but the food safety problems exposed in succession are still shocking, and the unqualified food packaging materials have become the focus of attention gradually. The use of unqualified food grade kraft paper as food packaging materials has also been exposed repeatedly, which shows that the food grade safety awareness needs to be improved when purchasing food grade kraft paper in China.
2. The quality standard of food grade kraft paper is too low
At present, the standard of food grade packaging materials in China is limited to the content of fluorescent substances not exceeding the standard, but the requirements for halogen and heavy metal content are not particularly prominent, especially for paper packaging materials. As a result, when some food packaging suppliers supply packaging products for food manufacturers, they only adopt them from the perspective of cost saving Purchase the food grade kraft paper with the content of fluorescent substance not exceeding the standard, but ignore other problems. This is the more customers we have faced in operating kraft paper for many years.
3. The production and R & D capacity of food grade packaging kraft paper manufacturers needs to be further improved
At present, the scale of most kraft paper manufacturers in China is not very large. The scale of both food grade white kraft paper and food grade yellow kraft paper manufacturers are mostly small. Compared with mature foreign paper mills, their production and R & D capacity is still at a relatively primary level, and the working capacity of both paper machines, testing equipment and relevant personnel needs to be improved.

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