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Kraft paper tape deformation reason!

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers, kraft paper tape deformation problem trust many people have met, we also heard customers for kraft paper tape deformation complaints.
The problem of kraft paper tape deformation will cause great inconvenience for printing. If it is serious, the paper will be scrapped and cannot be used. It has not been said that wealth damage will form, but it will probably delay the formation of greater damage.
So why does kraft paper tape deform?
We think that the deformation of kraft paper tape is due to the partial extension and interruption of paper due to the effect of external factors. This factor mainly depends on moisture. We all know that the important factor of paper relaxation is fiber, which is a kind of material with strong water absorption instinct.
All in the storage, transportation process when the action is not easy to make kraft paper tape to create deformation, natural in the printing process without typical manipulation is one of the reasons.
Summed up, kraft paper tape deformation of the edge of the original if three.
One is that the bottom plate loaded with kraft paper tape is not suitable.
On the other hand, the paper is sagged and deformed due to dampness during transportation.
Third, the storage did not guide the deformation of kraft paper tape.

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