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About kraft paper tape thickness and texture!

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It is introduced by the reinforced kraft paper tape manufacturer .The roll width of the kraft paper tape is 787mm, 889mm, 1092mm and 1194mm.
The specifications of the lithography are generally 787mm * 1092mm, 889mm * 1194mm.
These are more conventional, but also relatively stable supply. Food grade kraft paper tape specification g weight,The width of the drum is generally 440546 534 610 895mm, and the weight is from 45g to 65g. The specification and weight of kraft paper tape are mainly 600mm-1600mm, 60g-100g.
The thickness of kraft paper tape, the weight of kraft paper tape is related to the thickness, generally the thickness of high weight is thick.
The press size of the fiber arrangement and the difference of the fiber raw materials will affect the loose thickness. The simplest way is to adjust the thickness by the press change.
If the pressure is large, the thickness will be small. The coefficient for calculating the thickness of kraft paper tape is 100g / per
The thickness of the square meter is 0.126 mm (under normal conditions). The thickness of each paper is uneven, which will also lead to overprinter and imprint depth difference. When the thickness of the same sheet is uneven, it is more likely to lead to unclear writing and inconsistent color. All thicknesses
Control is very important.
The grain of kraft paper tape, a roll of paper, has width and length. The width refers to the height of a roll of paper, and the length is the direction of the paper grain. We often say that the straightness is 787mm * 1092mm, and 1092mm is the paper grain. The same size is 889mm * 1194mm.

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