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Selection skills of wet water kraft paper tape

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Wet water kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce,
1. Appearance color
When selecting kraft tape, we can observe the color of kraft paper tape. A good kraft paper tape appearance color should be uniform color, there will be no color mixed together. A good kraft paper tape has good temperature resistance and solvent resistance, so its paper should have certain impermeability and flexibility.
2. Product performance
After seeing the appearance of kraft paper tape, we can see the tensile properties and tensile strength of kraft paper tape.
The specific operation method is: we can take the kraft paper tape on the hand, and pull the other part with the other hand. We can tear off a piece of kraft tape first. And then pull the tear off piece to see if it will break. We all know that good kraft paper tape has tensile properties, so it is not easy to be broken. If it is broken at once, it is certain that the quality of the kraft paper tape is not very good.
3. Stickiness
Good kraft tape. It's very sticky. We can shake it after pulling it apart. Good kraft tape will not roll down immediately. After that, we can test the adhesive tape on the surface of kraft paper again and again. See if its viscosity has changed.

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