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Effect of paper quality on wet kraft paper tape!

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers, kraft paper physical and chemical properties and technical indicators, including physical, optical, printing and chemical properties. Closely related to the adaptability of offset printing are: compactness, scrub resistance, tensile, whiteness, absorption, smoothness, gloss, pH value, etc.
The results show that the tightness and anti wool strength of kraft paper, the viscosity of ink in printing process have an impact on the surface moisture of rubber cloth, resulting in the phenomenon of de dusting and hair shedding, and finally the burr like spots or field whitening fault appear on the printed matter.
The flexibility of kraft paper is related to the fiber arrangement direction. The flexibility of the long fiber (along) direction is less than that of the two sides of the fiber arrangement. Therefore, offset printing usually uses kraft paper with long fibers parallel to the roller axis to reduce the image overprint inaccuracy caused by wet stretching of kraft paper.
The whiteness and smoothness of kraft paper directly affect the brightness and saturation of printed image. After printing color ink on kraft paper with high whiteness, the light projected on the paper surface absorbs less and reflects more, which can better present the original appearance of ink color. The kraft paper with poor whiteness will absorb more projection light and reflect less light, making the printed image gray.
Kraft paper tape with poor smoothness has a rough surface and strong oil absorption. After drying, it has no luster and absorbs more projected light. The reflected light is diffuse reflection. The visual effect of the printed matter is poor, and the color is not bright and gray.
The oil absorption paper absorbs a large amount of ink binder before drying the conjunctiva, resulting in rough conjunctiva on the imprinted surface and tarnish of the product. In severe cases, imprinting may be powdered.
Generally, the pH value of kraft paper tape is above 5.5, which is slightly acidic. When the pH value drops to below 5.5, the acidity of kraft paper increases. This paper will damage the dryness of ink and cause dry imprinting.

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