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Self-adhesive reinforced kraft tape

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Reinforced kraft tape

Self-adhesive fiber kraft paper tape is kraft paper as the substrate, the surface of kraft paper coated with film coated with silicon, from two layers of kraft paper in the middle of filaments composite, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive made of kraft paper tape. Self-adhesive stiffened kraft paper tape has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high degree of peeling, strong tensile resistance, and so on.
Self-adhesive fiber kraft tape, also known as wired self-adhesive kraft tape, is a special packaging material in the kraft tape, the surface of the film coated with silicon, from two layers of kraft sandwich composite, coated with hot melt adhesive made of a self-adhesive tape.

Purpose of Reinforced kraft tape

It is suitable for sealing and special packing of heavy cartons.

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