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White kraft paper and white board with grey background!

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Eco friendly Writable kraft paper tape manufacturers to explain to you, how to distinguish white kraft paper and gray background white paper? In contrast, the two paper grades are different. The range of white board paper includes white board paper with grey background, which is a kind of single-sided white board paper, while white kraft paper is a branch of many kinds of kraft paper. It greatly improves the printing effect of kraft paper, and has the tensile strength and rupture resistance of kraft paper. On the whole, there are still big differences between the two. Let's give a detailed introduction to the editors of CNPC
1. Different colors
1. The surface of white board paper with gray background is smooth, and the color of the other side is close to that of double gray paper. Similarly, products from different manufacturers have different grey surface colors.
2. The white surface of kraft paper is similar to that of kraft paper, and it is more rough. The yellow surface is the color of yellow kraft paper, but the yellow surface will be lighter and darker depending on the products of different manufacturers.
Secondly, the wood pulp used is quite different
At present, white kraft paper made from all kinds of wood pulp occupies the majority of the market, that is, the raw wood pulp used is produced by a few manufacturers. On the contrary, recycled pulp is used for white board paper with grey background. Manufacturing accounts for most of the output, only a small part is made of wood pulp, which can meet the needs of high-end customers.
3、 Different ways to use
In terms of use, most low-end product packaging boxes will use white board paper with gray background, while the outer packaging of food and beverage usually uses white kraft paper. However, in some companies, white board with gray background will also be used for cardboard box. The two are still somewhat similar.

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