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Why Eco friendly kraft paper tape widely used in some countries?

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At the last World Cup, Japanese fans picked up garbage bags in the aisles and gymnasiums, and Japanese players cleaned up the garbage from benches and changing rooms, which was praised by the world!
Japan is recognized as one of the cleanest countries in the world. There is little rubbish on the street. It can be said that their environmental awareness has become a habit subconsciously. But, unexpectedly, the Japanese who are keen on environmental protection like to use degradable tape!
Why do Japanese like to use environmental tape? As it turns out, they used a non film (writable) environmental protection kraft paper tape!
Japanese now see plastic tape widely used in various places. Even the commercial garbage bags recommended by Tokyo are made of plastic.
However, if you look closely, you will find that these plastic tapes will be printed with instructions for use. The most common way of writing is "even if the bag is incinerated, it will not produce toxic substances." No
Plastic products with combustible materials will also be printed with relevant instructions to remind consumers of the waste classification.
1. Replace the material of plastic tape
In fact, generally speaking, plastic tape is made of vinyl chloride, which will turn into water and carbonic acid after burning, and will not produce toxic substances. Therefore, they can be disposed of by incineration and will not pollute the environment due to landfill treatment. They can also be used to generate waste such as electricity or heat.
2. Secondary use
In Japan, the recycling of plastic tape is very common. There are also relevant contents in Japanese law. Many families use combustible shopping plastic tape used in supermarkets or department stores. Japan also has recycled plastic tape. Provide it to the manufacturer to make other resource products for use.
3. Reward
It can be seen that under the Japanese garbage classification system, environmental protection has become more simple, not to mention the degradable and recycling system. In fact, environmental protection should coordinate the relationship between people and the environment, rather than blindly succumb to the environment.
Japan can use a large number of non laminated (writable) environmental protection kraft paper tape, we can not lag behind in China. Environmental protection kraft paper tape is based on imported kraft paper and environmental glue.
Cartons can be tightly sealed. It is a kind of environmental protection tape to adapt to the international development trend. The product has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high peel strength and strong tensile strength. Substrates and adhesives do not pollute the environment and can be recycled and reused together with the packaging (in accordance with EU ROHS standards). It is mainly used to replace BOPP tape for sealing and bundling.
Writable environmental protection kraft paper tape has the characteristics of good safety, easy to use, no energy consumption and no pollution. Base paper is kraft paper and glue is hot melt adhesive. It has water resistance, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good retention, no warpage, stable weather resistance, high viscosity, no warpage, long shelf life, and ensure long-term viscosity without moisture!

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