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Effect of fiber structure on kraft paper tape!

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Reinfoced kraft paper tape factory to introduce that The shrinkage of wet kraft paper tape manufacturers is generally related to the fiber of paper, so we can also say that the fiber structure of kraft paper determines the tension and scalability of paper.
The tighter the fiber structure of kraft paper tape, the better its scalability.
The denser the fiber structure of packaging paper, the less the tension and scalability Some more.
In addition, when we choose kraft paper tape, we should also look at the appearance strength of kraft paper.
The appearance strength of kraft paper should not be easy to peel, which is the best.
In addition, we should also look at the brightness of kraft paper tape.
The brightness should be fine without dust accumulation on the surface, and the brightness of printing should be relatively excellent.
When choosing kraft paper tape, we also need to consider the elastic belt of packaging paper.
We need to pull the paper quietly by hand to see if the kraft paper tension is elastic and can stand the pull of certain strength.
If it is too loose, it proves that the kraft paper tension is not very good, otherwise it is the best,
The last point is to quietly touch the appearance of kraft paper with your hands, and try to test whether the appearance of the paper is lubricated.
This is very important for kraft paper tape.
The non lubricated kraft paper tape manufacturers will not only affect the printing effect of kraft paper, but also will not be beautiful.

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