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Why does wet kraft paper tape rise and shrink?

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Some customers have reported that the wet kraft paper tape has the problem of shrinkage, but many people do not know this problem very well and do not know what causes the rise and contraction of the wet kraft paper tape.
For the wet kraft paper tape, there are many reasons that can lead to its expansion and shrinkage, and the serious situation will have some bad effects on the sealing effect, printing and packaging.
Different regions: the environmental characteristics of each place are different. If the origin of the wet kraft paper tape is different from that of the printing and packaging plant in one region, the temperature and climate will affect the wet kraft paper tape during transportation or storage.
Storage time is too long: not only food will be expired, paper also has a shelf life.
When the wet kraft paper tape is stored for a long time, it will swell and shrink, which means that the wet kraft paper tape has expired and can not be used in input packaging printing.
Cross use moisture infection: the paper itself has good water absorption. Some businesses do not properly store the wet kraft paper tape that has not been used up after unsealing, which causes the wet kraft paper tape to be damped. Then, the wet kraft paper tape is put into the new paper and used at the same time, which will cause certain impact on the new wet kraft paper tape. Therefore, we have a good understanding of the wet water The amount of kraft paper tape must be well controlled.
Mixed batch of different wet kraft paper tapes: many people will not have enough wet kraft paper tapes when using them. At this time, if the wet kraft paper tapes of different brands are added for mixed printing, the swelling and shrinkage of wet buffalo hide paper tapes will be caused.
The influence of printing environment: the reasons for the shrinkage of water activated kraft tape are printing machine temperature, pre press and post press workshop temperature, environment and printing technology.

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