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writable kraft paper tape more ECO friendly than plastic tape?

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According to the manufacturer of ECO friendly writable kraft paper tape, the environmental pollution caused by plastic tape is very serious, which makes it famous as "white pollution".
Under the banner of the concept of environmental protection, plastic tape is no longer suitable for today's environmental protection theme, followed by the rise of kraft paper as the representative of paper tape. But now kraft paper tape and plastic tape have their own advantages and disadvantages, kraft paper tape can not completely replace plastic tape.
Compared with plastic tape, kraft paper tape has higher cost, but it has recyclability and less environmental pollution.
In the western developed countries, plastic tape has basically withdrawn from supermarkets and other shopping malls. Generally, the recyclable kraft paper box and other packaging will be selected for packaging, because the kraft paper tape can be recycled and reused, which can reduce the damage to the environment. In developed countries, the cost of environmental pollution is very large!
Therefore, although the cost is high, kraft paper tape packaging is usually chosen.
Committed to the development of new products, the development of more suitable packaging paper materials, plastic tape will not be eliminated by this era, but compared with kraft paper tape, it is only a matter of time before it goes down the stage of history.

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