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The Wrinkle problem of printing kraft paper tape!

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Eco friendly kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that kraft tape paper in the printing process will sometimes wrinkle, compared with other paper kraft paper tape printing more attention.
1. In recent years, it has been raining and humid, and the kraft paper tape will be wrinkled due to printing.
Solution: dehumidification. Adjust the air humidity of kraft paper tape surface and workshop relatively stable. Increase the flow of kraft tape in the workshop for a period of time. Our suppliers should also pay attention to the packaging of kraft paper tape, which must be packed with protective film.
2. Sometimes printing will wrinkle in the same place, and it will not change direction.
3. The surface of kraft paper tape itself is not very smooth, so the printing speed must be slowed down and the paper suction speed must be adjusted.
4. If the size is too large, printing will also cause printing wrinkle. We can rearrange and adjust the printing size.
What should be paid attention to in the printing process of kraft paper tape
1. For the kraft paper tape to be printed, the paper with smooth surface and good flatness shall be selected as far as possible.
For example, the domestic natural color kraft paper tape, refined kraft paper tape, Jiulong kraft paper tape, Levin K series kraft paper tape and Russian Bratsk kraft paper tape are compared with other kraft paper tapes in terms of surface smoothness and flatness.
In addition, the quality of kraft paper tape should be judged according to the customer's printing color requirements, what color to print and how many colors to print.
2. The selection of the model. Kraft paper tape is generally from 60 / m2 to 500 / m2, and it is better not to use small four or eight open offset press for printing paper above 80 / m2.
Because the kraft paper tape of 80 / m2 or more is thick, the suction nozzle can't pick up the paper during paper feeding. In addition, due to the small size of the paper, it is easy to have double or multiple faults, or the paper is inclined on the paper board.
However, it is better to use offset press or full offset press to print 80 g / m2 thick kraft paper tape.
3. Adjustment of printing system. The thickness of the kraft paper tape is adjusted before printing, and the suction volume of the suction nozzle is adjusted. At the same time, the electric control devices such as double tension control, skew control and pre punching control are adjusted properly, so that the kraft paper tape can be prevented from rolling.
In addition, the paper suction nozzle and paper feeding nozzle should use rubber band with larger diameter and thickness.
In addition, when printing kraft paper tape, keep the center distance between the plate cylinder and the rubber drum unchanged, only adjust the center distance between the imprint drum and the rubber drum. When printing 250 g / m2 ~ 450 g / m2 kraft paper tape, the center distance can be increased by 0.2 mm ~ 0.4 mm.
The surface of kraft paper tape is rough and its smoothness is poor. The tightness of the paper is far less than that of coated paper and offset paper. Therefore, the printing pressure should be increased correspondingly when printing kraft paper tape.
4. Printing color adjustment. The color of kraft paper tape is generally dark brown, and the printing effect of printing color and bleached paper is very great. It is best to choose the color with bright color and eye-catching effect. Now some manufacturers also choose UV ink, refer to ink chromatography and printing effect in different paper. Finally, determine the printing color.
5. Post press processing. Due to the special structure of kraft paper tape, the fiber characteristics are good. On the requirements of die-cutting knife, drilling and other processing equipment is good. Only in this way can we ensure the high quality of the final product.

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