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ECO friendly color kraft tape realizes "green" packaging!

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Color kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that green packaging is an important trend of commodity packaging at home and abroad, using environmental protection kraft paper tape as the packaging of goods is an important way to realize the green packaging of goods.
Environmental friendly packaging should embody: ecological protection; environmental protection awareness; human health and safety awareness; design concept of nature and its simplicity; design consciousness of sustainable development.
Whether it is ECO friendly kraft paper tape or bamboo kraft paper tape, it starts from the environmental protection, through the design to create a pollution-free, conducive to human health, conducive to human survival and reproduction of the ecological environment. Environmental protection bamboo pulp kraft paper tape manufacturers believe that no matter what the future trend of technology and how advanced the development, green concept will always be an important concept of packaging design.
To meet the standard of environmental protection packaging, designers are required to give up the unconventional practice of overemphasizing product appearance design, and focus on the innovation of "responsibility" and "morality" in the true sense. With a more moral and responsible attitude and manner, more concise and lasting modeling design is required to create and produce product forms and convey the green and healthy spirit, In both material and spiritual aspects for the development of human society to make their due contribution.
The use of environmental protection kraft paper tape packaging is a good reflection of this concept, is an ideal solution.

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