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Color kraft paper tape printing color notes!

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The color kraft paper tape factory introduced that due to its special color, the natural color kraft paper tape pays great attention to the visual effect when printing, and its good visual effect is the pursuit of all printing processes. As for the natural color kraft paper tape, it is not suitable for multi-color printing and large-scale monochromatic printing, which is unique with the natural color kraft paper tape products You want to violate the characteristics of.
The unique color of the natural color kraft paper tape itself is already a part of similar printing, so it is more suitable for simplified printing methods, such as printing a single color and combining with the use of labels can also play a very good visual effect. For example, once Samsung mobile phone package box was only printed with the logo "Sumsung", At the same time, with the label, the whole box looks very beautiful and generous.
At one time, Samsung's very simple printing method for mobile phone boxes represented a pursuit of life. Sometimes, when using natural color kraft paper tape as packaging material, if we excessively pursue the printing effect and printing process, it may have a negative effect. In addition, the natural color kraft paper tape should not print white. As for why it is not suitable to print white, I believe it will be online There are relevant introductions. We will not introduce them too much here.
In short, the natural color kraft paper tape itself is more suitable for simple printing, and then the color of kraft paper tape is used to highlight the unique packaging. The real significance of kraft paper tape is environmental protection. Compared with other packaging materials, kraft paper tape can be easily degraded, completely recycled and reused for many times, without causing unnecessary pollution to the environment.

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