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Bamboo pulp kraft paper tape often has grams, specifications

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Bamboo pulp kraft paper is a high-quality environmental protection kraft paper product launched by kraft paper manufacturers. In terms of raw materials, bamboo pulp fiber material with flexibility and effective antibacterial effect is selected. The finished product has a beautiful and delicate appearance.

It is a fine light yellow kraft paper product. The biggest advantage of bamboo pulp kraft paper is its unique color, which is obviously different from other kraft paper products in color, The bamboo pulp kraft paper produced by large paper machine has stable color and fine kraft paper surface.

The finished kraft paper is widely used in various fields of printing and packaging.
1、 Surface smoothness of refined kraft paper from bamboo wood pulp
The paper surface of bamboo pulp refined kraft paper is flat and smooth with the same color on both sides, which can show the natural wood pulp texture, but there is no or little impurities attached to the paper surface. The bamboo wood pulp refined kraft paper surface produced by the kraft paper manufacturer mulinxuan Paper Co., Ltd. has better aesthetic and visual effects, and has a smooth feel and excellent printing effect, which can meet the requirements Single color, multi-color printing demand;
2、 Color stability of bamboo kraft paper
The color of ordinary wood pulp kraft paper or other kraft paper products is very unstable, especially the color difference of different batches of kraft paper products of the same product is a problem perplexing the whole industry. High end brands want to ensure the unity of brand image, and often require stable color and no color difference. In order to meet the demand of high-end brands, mulinxuan Paper Co., Ltd. specially refined bamboo wood pulp The color of kraft paper has been optimized to make the color difference of bamboo kraft paper controllable as a whole, which can meet the strict requirements of high-end brand unified color.
3、 Technical specification of refined kraft paper from bamboo pulp
As the bamboo pulp kraft paper adopts high-quality materials and high-quality production technology, the technical indicators of the finished bamboo pulp kraft paper such as bursting strength and tensile strength are also better, and the quality is stable;

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