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What are the benefits of water activated kraft paper tape?

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water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced, using kraft paper to make kraft paper tape what are the benefits?
Kraft paper packaging materials have ecological, recyclable and cost saving. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements for packaging materials in the international market, kraft paper is the first choice for high strength and environmental protection.

Kraft paper tape packaging
In addition to environmental protection, kraft paper tape packaging material also has the additional function of quickly passing through the product inspection door to realize rapid logistics cost saving. This is the basis of kraft paper and wood packaging materials since customs does not need to carry out additional inspection on kraft paper and yellow paper packaging materials. It's not just another advantage.
In addition, from the point of view of ease of use, kraft paper tape packaging is suitable for mechanized production, packaging and sealing. High production efficiency, easy to standardize packaging, light weight, low freight, can be protected by plastic lining in the box everywhere!

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