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Printed kraft paper tape printing slitting positioning!

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When printing kraft paper tape manufacturers introduce printing kraft paper tape or other printing packaging paper, we can often see that there are two types of typesetting methods, namely, circular printing and positioning slitting. Let's introduce the differences between the two printing kraft paper tape printing.
Printing kraft paper tape printing or other packaging paper printing circular plate, in fact, there is no big difference between positioning and cutting plate, the main difference is
When the printing kraft paper tape manufacturers cut, the circular version can use the ordinary flat tension machine and the paper cutter. When cutting, it is not necessary to consider the printing font or pattern,
Cause the bad or scrap of paper.
According to the manufacturer of printing kraft paper tape, when slitting and positioning the printing packaging paper, the positioning slitting machine must be used. If the positioning slitting machine is used for printing and printing kraft paper tape or printing packaging paper for standardizing patterns, because of its specific pattern and size, the ordinary slitting machine is not so accurate, and the efficiency is very busy or the material waste is very large. The positioning slitting machine can choose the printing range and distance of any specification, so that each piece of printing bright packaging paper can be cut evenly to achieve a more beautiful effect.

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