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Cause analysis of wet water kraft paper tape slipping in use!

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-08-02 23:49
As we all know, there are many types of kraft paper tape on the market. Wet kraft paper tape is one of them. Different types of kraft paper tape will have different problems in the use process.
So what is the reason why the wet kraft paper tape slips in use? How can we solve these problems?
After a lot of phenomena in the actual use process and after testing and analysis, it is determined that the reason why the wet water kraft paper tape slips is due to the large amount of water applied in the production process. Although the wet kraft paper tape needs to be watered to produce viscosity, we should note that this does not mean that the more water is applied, the better, if it is used in the production process More water, and can not achieve better viscosity, but will produce some opposite effect.
Therefore, we need to know more wet kraft paper tape before use, so as to avoid problems in the use process and affect the use effect.

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