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The quality standard of Writable kraft paper tape!

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According to the introduction of the manufacturers of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape is different from other tapes in a certain way. Its performance is good, such as waterproof, stability and no warping edge.

It is mainly used in the packaging industry, which has a certain requirement for the quality of kraft paper tape. Therefore, kraft paper tape needs to be inspected in many aspects before leaving the factory.

Today, let's learn about the quality requirements of kraft paper tape?   

What are the quality requirements of kraft paper tape?   

1. The appearance of kraft paper tape is not allowed to be torn or damaged. Once it appears, the product is regarded as unqualified.   

2. In addition, both sides of kraft paper tape should be flat, and it is better not to have gaps, deformation and overflow, which will affect the quality of kraft paper tape. If there are too many joints of kraft paper tape, the grade of kraft paper tape will be affected.   

3. The kraft paper tape should meet the relevant inspection standards during the test. Once the non-compliance occurs, the product is defective.   

The above points will have certain requirements for the production technology of kraft paper tape manufacturers, so when purchasing kraft paper tape, choose kraft paper tape produced by large manufacturers as much as possible, so that the quality will be better.

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