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Packaging Wrap cushioning Kraf

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Buffer cushioning wrapping paper/kraft cushion paper
Paper has long been used as a protective packaging material.
In recent years, we have made some improvements to press the paper into a special form by machine, which has better protection performance. We call it buffer pad.
Kraft paper cushion paper cushion has many uses, such as fixed material or filling material cushion. In addition, the cushion paper cushion has unique characteristics, which can be used to cushion and package articles.
Kraft paper cushion is very suitable for irregular and fragile packaging.
A special equipment is needed to press paper into paper cushion with special protection and buffering performance. These devices can be rented to save costs for the core business.
Advantages of kraft paper cushion:
1. ECO friendly and degradable packaging
Kraft paper cushion is a concept of sustainable development and provides a perfect packaging method for green solutions.
Because its material is made of paper, pure paper, no glue or nails, in addition to environmental protection, pollution-free, degradable and recyclable characteristics, and provide sustainable green packaging solutions.
2. Flexible and efficient, save time
Easy to operate, flexible and efficient packaging for all kinds of goods, buffered kraft paper cushion packaging system can quickly and flexibly use the random packaging system for product packaging, which can easily handle the peak delivery period and improve efficiency.
3. Presentation of beautiful packaging results
Kraft paper cushion packaging, you can show customers beautiful packaging shape and good unpacking experience. Let your customers really experience high-end and exquisite product experience when they receive the goods.
It is suitable for electronic equipment packaging, mechanical equipment packaging, industrial products packaging, glass products packaging, spot related heavy goods packaging and so on.

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