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kraft paper tape enterprises are facing difficulties!

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Eco friendly kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that the development of small kraft paper tape manufacturers was hindered.
In addition to market factors, we should first analyze ourselves and find out the problems, so as to find the right remedy and find the way to improve.
After visiting kraft paper tape manufacturers, it is found that many small and medium-sized kraft paper tape manufacturers have the following problems.
1. The managers of kraft paper tape production enterprises generally lack of clear long-term planning. The production equipment used is only to meet the current demand, and there is no research and development technology innovation. Moreover, they are not aware of the quality of their own kraft paper tape products. The quality of the kraft paper tape produced by processing is often not guaranteed. At the same time, they like to follow suit and see others He follows up on what he produces, so as to constantly change products.
2. The resource integration ability of small and medium-sized kraft paper tape production enterprises is weak. In order to meet the market demand, the kraft paper tape enterprises are busy competing for market resources, acting in their own way, malicious competition, and competing to lower the price. As a result, the profits of kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape and other kraft paper tape products are meager, and the products and production capacity are scattered.
3. The product technology content is low, and the level of specialization is not high. On the one hand, the kraft paper tape production enterprises do not pay enough attention to technological innovation. On the other hand, due to the limitations of small scale, capital shortage and talent shortage, they are unable to carry out large-scale research and development investment, which leads to blind following in the market until the market is seriously surplus, and then involved in price war without exception Fighting back and forth, you will find that there is no future for any product.
4. It is not the product itself that decides the development of kraft paper tape production enterprises, but professionals. In many small kraft paper tape production enterprises, there is a lack of professionals and the quality of staff is not high. In addition, many enterprises are family enterprises, so the promotion channels for professionals have not been formed and the flow mechanism is not smooth. Due to the low treatment and limited development space of medium and small kraft paper tape production enterprises, it is difficult to attract senior talents.
On the one hand, professionals can not find a place to use; on the other hand, it is difficult for kraft paper tape manufacturers to complete the transformation and upgrading due to the lack of professionals. This phenomenon is relatively embarrassing for kraft paper tape manufacturers.
Most of the above-mentioned kraft paper production enterprises are faced with the dilemma of environmental protection tape production.

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