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Precautions for water activated kraft paper tape products!

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water activated kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that most of the imported kraft paper tape has relatively excellent quality and cost performance. Therefore, the imported base material kraft paper tape has a very good reputation and market share in China. Meanwhile, in order to obtain better products and resources, domestic suppliers of kraft paper tape sell imported base material kraft paper tape in order to save money We will try our best to find the way to purchase, so as to obtain more considerable profits. Due to the uneven import channels, we need to be very careful when purchasing kraft paper tape, and we need to prevent many potential problems. We think that doing the following work will ensure that you are buying genuine imported kraft paper
1、 If you purchase imported kraft paper base paper, whether it is imported kraft paper or imported white kraft paper, the supplier must ensure that the label of the original factory is complete when supplying the product. In this way, the supplier can not replace or tear off the label without permission. Otherwise, you can refuse to receive the goods, so as to prevent the supplier from replacing the inferior with the good and counterfeiting the real one At the same time, the integrity of the product can be guaranteed.
2、 If you buy imported flat sheet kraft paper, there will be no original factory label, but you should do a good job of sample backup. For example, the supplier of imported kraft paper is required to keep a sample for each roll of base paper, and then send the original factory label together with the sheet paper to the company, so as to effectively ensure the unity of product quality.

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