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Reinforced Water Activated kraft Tape

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Reinforced Water Activated kraft Tape(ECO friendly kraft paper tape)

Reinforced Water Activated kraft Tape is the sandwich fiber kraft paper as the substrate, coated with modified starch adhesive after high temperature drying after winding and made of kraft tape. The wet-water stiffened wired paper product has no viscosity in the conventional state, and the adhesive surface must be wet with water to produce viscosity.
Wet water upper clip muscle fiber kraft paper tape, including kraft paper, kraft paper, web layer, wet water respectively, lower mat layer between the upper kraft paper, and the lower kraft paper, web and kraft paper, kraft paper, lower stratosphere with Sinoatp adhesive glue after high temperature treatment, the lower wet water kraft paper, under the surface coating rubber, mat layer for the fishing net, sub for wet water to wet starch adhesive. Wet water fiber kraft paper tape is not sticky before wet water, sticky after wet water, can be written and printed on kraft paper LOGO or company brand name. The substrate and adhesive of wet water reinforced kraft tape will not pollute the environment and can be recycled with the packaging material.

Purpose of Reinforced Water Activated kraft Tape

Used for sealing export carton


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