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Wet water perforated kraft tape

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Wet water perforated kraft tape(ECO friendly kraft paper tape)

White perforated wet water paper tape is made of white kraft paper as the substrate and coated with modified chemical starch rewet adhesive. It is made of strips and punched holes. The adhesive surface should be sticky after being wet with water.

Purpose of  Wet water perforated kraft tape

1.Used for repairing and stitching of plywood veneer
2. Wood industry rotary cutting edge sealing. Edge sealing tape is mainly used for furniture, plywood manufacturing, wood industry rotary veneer or middle board on both sides of the edge sealing, panels, wood parquet
3. Patchwork adhesive tape is suitable for inner paste, repair, patchwork and joint of plywood, veneer and board.

Notice of Wet water perforated kraft tape

When using white perforated re-wetting adhesive tape, it is only necessary to apply an appropriate amount of water on the adhesive surface with a sponge or cotton yarn, and then paste with the adhesive, and appropriate pressure immediately stick.
This product is strictly prohibited to be affected with damp during storage. The unused products should be promptly packed into plastic bags for sealing


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