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ECO Friendly kraft paper tape

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Eco friendly No PE coated Writable kraft paper  tape(Eco friendly kraft paper tape)

Eco friendly No PE coated Writable kraft paper gummed tape is made of special imported kraft paper by resin filling to do anti-penetration anti-adhesion surface treatment, the back without pouring film, the above can be written to dry after it can not be wiped off, the product has good viscosity, suitable for sealing, packaging temporary fixation.
Can completely replace the traditional PE film technology, the non-film paper can be self-degraded and recycled, belongs to the environmental protection products (special kraft paper tape).

Purpose of No PE coated Writable kraft paper tape

Suitable for high frequency embossing, packaging and other adhesive purposes.

Features of No PE coated Writable kraft paper tape

Product characteristics: non-toxic, tasteless, non-rot contact adhesive, the product is an environmental protection type of green packaging tape, is the export of valuables required environmental protection packaging tape.
Non-drenching film kraft paper has the characteristics of strong initial adhesion, strong tensile strength, high temperature resistance, its substrate and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment, and can be recycled with the packaging cycle.


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