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Natural rubber kraft paper tape

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Purpose of Natural Rubber kraft paper tape

ECO Friendly Basic type of natural rubber based adhesive tape for packing. Excellent adhesion, high quality, and an economical tape. For general packaging use.

Classification of pressure sensitive adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesive can be divided into rubber type and resin type according to the main resin component.
Rubber type can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber class, rubber class pressure sensitive rubber in addition to the main ingredients for rubber, but also add other auxiliary ingredients, such as sticky resin, plasticizer, filler, viscosity adjustment agent, vulcanization agent, anti-aging agent, solvent and so on. Rubber pressure sensitive rubber is also known as elastic body pressure sensitive rubber, the elastomer used by this kind of pressure sensitive rubber is the first natural rubber, later gradually expanded to a variety of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, so this kind of pressure sensitive rubber is called natural rubber pressure sensitive rubber, synthetic rubber pressure sensitive rubber, thermoplastic elastic pressure sensitive rubber. 
Because thermoplastic elastomer pressure sensitive adhesive no longer USES solvent, will not produce environmental pollution, high production efficiency, in today's modern society with a high call for energy conservation and elimination of environmental pollution, has a very high promotion value.
Pressure sensitive adhesive made of synthetic rubber and recycled rubber has a certain market sales volume due to its low price. Natural rubber, which is developed early, today's output is still very large pressure sensitive adhesive, has a very good quality, almost can be made into a variety of types of pressure sensitive adhesive products.
Kraft paper, used as packing material, is very strong. Usually yellowish-brown, semi-bleached or fully bleached cowhide pulp is pale brown, creamy or white.
It can be used as kraft tape substrate, cement bag paper, envelope paper, plastic sealing paper, asphalt paper, cable protection paper, insulation paper, etc.
Kraft raw material source is different, the production batch is different, the production season is different, the production machine is different, and so on a lot of reasons will affect the color of kraft paper reel is not the same, this color is not the same, it is difficult to avoid, and can not be controlled, generally the same batch of kraft paper can ensure 98% of the same color.

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