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Kraft paper tape: what is the tape jumbo roll?

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Kraft paper tape jumbo roll is a kind of tape product, which is different from the tape we see in our daily life. It is rarely seen in our daily life, and it is mainly circulated in industrial production. The tape jumbo roll is mainly used in the tape cutting plant to cut the BOPP sealing tape products according to different standards used in daily life.
product mix
The adhesive tape jumbo roll is based on all kinds of master rolls. After the film is treated, the surface of one side is rough, and the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated by heating
The composition is butyl), according to customer requirements to form different thickness of rubber layer.
Characteristics of tape jumbo roll
High quality and high-function tape jumbo roll can maintain stable function even in extremely bad weather. The tape jumbo roll has excellent adhesion, initial adhesion, good adhesion holding function, high tensile strength, light weight, low price and convenient use.
Use of tape jumbo roll
The tape jumbo roll is applicable to the shipping of containers, as well as the avoidance of goods theft, illegal opening, etc. It is widely used in carton sealing packaging, warehouse sealing goods, product sealing and fixation, transparent packaging, and cutting of sealing adhesive paper products.

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