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Some printing methods of kraft paper tape!

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kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that kraft paper tape paper in general seems not very eye-catching, but in every corner of our life, we can see its shadow. And not to mention kraft paper tape such as packaging information, almost no holes, once soaked in all aspects of our lives. So, what does kraft paper tape look like when it's printed?
So what are the skills?Let's pay attention to them.
Kraft paper tape is not very eye-catching, but the printing time must be qualified, as long as the products are qualified, they can be delivered.
However, due to the fact that the base paper manufacturing materials of kraft paper tape come from different centers, the sources are not uniform, and some manufacturing processes are not uniform, so many external reasons make some kraft paper tape quality not qualified, and some colors are not uniform, so some results are often unable to prevent.
Therefore, in the face of such elements, we can only prevent them. To reduce the appearance of color difference, when printing kraft paper tape, the process adopted is more complex, including flexographic printing, screen printing and other processes. Using these processes to manufacture kraft paper requires some technical essentials such as skilled control, finding appropriate printing parameters, and finally obtaining good results.
Because of the problem of color difference, if we want to get qualified kraft paper, we must pay more attention to the printing color.

In printing, we need to use the ink with color matching bright, so that the color can become eye-catching and the printing effect can become better.
Therefore, if you want to print high-quality kraft paper tape, you should not only pay more attention to the color control during printing, but also choose a good ink. Comprehensive thinking and manufacturing can make better products.

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