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Wood pulp paper&bamboo pulp paper for ECO friendly tape

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Eco friendly tape factory introduces that kraft paper tape is a necessary consumption in our daily life. In recent years, bamboo pulp paper towel prevails in the market. Before that, white wood pulp paper towel was used. Is bamboo pulp paper easy to use or wood pulp paper easy to use? Many people are confused. Let's understand the advantages and disadvantages of wood pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper.
Wood pulp paper takes wood as the raw material. The wood pulp will be bleached, and the dark brown contained in the wood pulp fiber will be bleached into white. There will be more or less chemical residues in this process. In the process of our daily life, it is difficult to prevent the formation of health risks. Bamboo pulp paper will not be bleached, it will be relatively safe and more secure when used.
What is wood pulp paper?
Wood pulp paper refers to log pulp paper, which is usually made of wood as raw material through beating, cooking, rinsing and other processes. The paper is fine, soft and tough. And the chemical processing elements of wood pulp paper are more, it is difficult to ensure that there is no bacterial and virus pollution.
Some illegal businesses use inferior pulp or recycled pulp to make paper towels. This kind of paper has rough, loose, porous and poor toughness, which will leave paper dust or paper wool in the process of wiping and affect health. And the color of the paper towel made of inferior pulp or recycled pulp is not white enough. In order to make the paper look white, a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent will be added. In addition, the growth cycle of trees will be longer, 100000 trees will be cut every day, equivalent to 1 square kilometer of forest area.
Wood pulp is only a small part of paper towels. Wood is not only used in furniture, but also in papermaking and printing. Paper is needed for all product packaging. Paper is made by beating wood for raw materials. Our common cartons (box board paper), color boxes (Kraft linerboard, white board paper), handbags (kraft paper, copper plate paper) are Paper made of wood pulp fiber.
What is bamboo pulp paper?
Bamboo pulp paper is made from bamboo by beating, cooking and other processes. Because it has not been bleached, it contains fluorescent whitening agent. Bamboo pulp paper is presented to us in the color of nature (i.e. light yellow).
Bamboo pulp paper can resist bacteria. Under the microscope, the bacteria on bamboo pulp paper will not only not reproduce, but also die 72% in one day. Because there is bamboo Kun in bamboo, it has pure natural sterilization effect, deodorant and insect proof, and it can prevent the growth of bacteria. It is very suitable for women, especially pregnant women, women's physiological period and infants, to maintain their own well, and let their children grow healthily. It is safer than wood pulp paper.
In addition, the growth cycle of bamboo is short and renewable. The use of bamboo instead of trees for papermaking can reduce tree cutting every year.
Bamboo fiber is flexible and thin, and the paper is more soft and delicate. There is no paper scraps. Bamboo pulp paper can wipe hands or face, and there is no paper scraps stuck on the face. It can stretch and pull, and it won't crack at will.
Bamboo pulp is not only used for paper towels, but also for local kraft paper. Bamboo kraft paper is mostly used in kraft paper envelope, kraft paper archive bag, kraft paper notebook and other paper products;
The use of wood pulp paper is more common. Wood pulp paper will be bleached, there will be chemical residues or fluorescent brighteners, which are easy to breed bacteria, and the growth cycle of trees is long; the color of bamboo pulp paper is that the original color of bamboo pulp has not been bleached, and it does not contain fluorescent brighteners. Bamboo can inhibit the growth of bacteria, bamboo growth cycle soft short, renewable. Because of this, wood pulp paper has security risks, and bamboo pulp paper is safer

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