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paper of Kraft paper tape quality defects!

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Writable kraft tape manufacturers, kraft paper tape quality defects can be called paper disease.
Paper defects include not only some performance defects that can't be seen or touched, but can only be known through experiments or printing, such as crispness, through printing, hair dropping, powder dropping, etc., but also all kinds of defects and defects that can be directly seen or felt on the surface of the paper page, such as dust, dirt, etc. Here, the latter is called the appearance of paper defects.

The appearance of paper has many defects, such as dust, spots, net marks, woolen cloth marks, "cloud flowers", seersucker, wrinkles, folds, dirty spots, turf, transparent spots, temperature spots, holes, embossing, scars, pulp pimples, hard blocks, uneven quantity and poor uniformity.   

Some of these appearance paper defects are brought in by the paper materials before kraft paper making, some are caused by poor technical operation or poor technology in the paper making process, others are caused by poor environmental sanitation in the factory, some appearance paper defects, once presented, are relatively continuous, such as woolen cloth marks and "cloud flowers", once presented, they will continue to exist if no measures are taken; some appearance paper defects It has certain inevitability or a long distance before it appears once, such as dirty spots, holes, etc.
Some paper defects will make the quality of the paper worse, such as dust, lint marks, etc.;

some paper defects will make the paper waste, such as offset books and periodicals with hard blocks or copper plate paper with big dirty spots, can only be disposed of as waste.
According to different types of common paper diseases, they can be divided into: paper quantitative shaking and paper quantitative unevenness.
The first kind of shaking is generally caused by the periodic vibration of the flow system of the paper to the headbox, the shaking of the rotor screen in front of the headbox or the vibration of the slurry pump. Sometimes it is also caused by the bending or unreasonable opening of the homogenizer roll in the headbox.

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