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Notes on Printed kraft paper tape

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 writable kraft paper tape manufacturers, at present, more and more kraft paper tape is used at home and abroad, there is a large part of the printed kraft paper tape. Soft printing, gravure printing, offset printing and screen printing can be adopted for kraft paper tape printing. The best quality effect can be achieved by mastering the key points of printing technology, mastering the printing suitability of printing ink and kraft paper tape, reasonably selecting and distributing ink, and controlling equipment parameters. As for some small printing plants, many equipment is not complete, so there will be many problems when printing kraft paper. The following kraft paper experts analyze the following aspects of kraft paper printing needs attention:
Kraft paper tape has the advantages of hard and strong texture, good toughness, wear resistance, not easy to tear and fracture, so it is often used in various areas of printing. But kraft paper color, smoothness, flatness and double offset white paper copperplate want to be much worse than the appearance of paper, but also rough. Some of them will show the phenomenon of picking up and down, shedding hair and powdering.
1、 Selection of base paper.
For the kraft paper tape to be printed, when selecting paper, try to choose the one with good surface lubrication and flatness. For other kraft papers, such as domestic natural kraft paper, refined kraft paper, nine dragon kraft paper, Xinda kraft paper, imported Russian Bratsk kraft paper and so on, the surface smoothness is better. In addition, the quality of kraft paper should also be judged according to the customer's printing color request, what color to print and how many colors to print.
2、 Model selection.
There are many specifications of kraft paper tape base paper from 60g to 450g. It's better not to use a small four or eight open offset press to print paper above 80g. Due to the thickness of the kraft paper base paper of more than 80g, the paper is often unable to be absorbed by the suction nozzle during paper feeding. In addition, due to the small size of the paper, it is easy to present double sheet or multiple sheet faults, or the paper is inclined on the cardboard. The effect of printing more than 80g thick kraft paper with offset press or full offset press is better.
3、 Adjustment of printing system.
Kraft tape is thicker before printing, and the suction volume of the suction nozzle is well adjusted. At the same time, the electrical installation and adjustment such as double tension control, tilt control and pre punching control are suitable to avoid the multi roll rolling of the kraft paper. In addition, the paper separating suction nozzle and the paper feeding suction nozzle should use rubber band with larger diameter and thickness. In addition, when printing kraft paper, the center distance between the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder shall not be changed, and only the center distance between the embossing cylinder and the rubber cylinder shall be adjusted. When printing 250G / m2-450g / m2 kraft paper, the center distance can be increased by 0.2mm-0.4mm. The appearance of kraft paper is rough and poor smoothness, and the tightness level of paper is far lower than that of coated paper and offset paper. Therefore, when printing kraft paper, the printing pressure should be increased accordingly.
4、 Adjustment of printing colors
The base paper color of kraft paper tape is generally dark brown, and the printing color and bleached paper printing effect are very large. It is best to choose the color with bright color and eye-catching effect. Now some manufacturers also choose UV ink, reference ink chromatography and printing effect in different paper. Finally, confirm the printing color.
5、 Post press processing.
Due to the special structure of kraft paper tape base paper, the fiber characteristics are good. Request die-cutting tools, drilling and other processing equipment is better. Only in this way can we guarantee the high quality of the final waste products.
In order to get better color reproduction in kraft paper tape printing, it is more difficult than SBS paper printing. In particular, it is necessary to be more careful to accurately copy the color on the common kraft paper tape board than to stop printing on the bleached kraft paper board.
Due to the dark brown color of kraft paper, the effect of printing ink is quite different from that of printing on bleached paper. Therefore, it is best to use bright color ink, use more eye-catching color, so the printing effect is better. Mild color and light color are the most difficult to achieve the desired ink density, opacity and wear resistance. In addition, if necessary, you can add a little white in the ink first, it will be conducive to achieve the desired mild color or light color, which is very useful for copying mild color and light color. With the increasing maturity of printing technology, some manufacturers even use UV ink, effectively improving the printing color effect. At present, almost all ink manufacturers have developed ink for primary color cardboard, and many ink manufacturers have also developed ink for printing on kraft paper. Therefore, before confirming the best plan of the work, we should consult with the ink consumer, select different ink formulations according to the printing demand of our factory, refer to the ink chromatogram provided by the ink manufacturer and the printing effect of ink on different paper, and finally confirm the best ink I selected.
Because kraft paper tape is different from SBS board and ordinary printing paper, it is uncoated, looser than bleached board, has many pores on the surface, and has strong permeability, which needs to be considered comprehensively in the application and coating of ink. For example, according to the analysis of kraft paper characteristics, it is better to use flexographic printing instead of offset printing machine to stop full-scale kraft paper printing. Due to the rough appearance of kraft paper, soft texture, strong ink absorption, matte print color, and printing will also show the phenomenon of ink pulling off the paper fiber (also called pulling off paper wool).

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