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Fiber type on surface of eco friendly kraft paper tape

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eco friendly kraft paper tape factory introduced that there are many kinds of kraft paper. We also talked about the classification of kraft paper a while ago. On the import of kraft paper and domestic kraft paper is very different, fiber content is not the same.
Of course, in order to control the cost, most of the domestic kraft paper is made of recycled pulp, but most of the imported kraft paper is made of all wood paddles.
This is also the reason why the sales of imported kraft paper is very good in recent years. Because the quality is there and the price is favorable, more people are willing to choose imported kraft paper.
There is also a kind of kraft paper is coated, we call coated kraft paper. Its fiber type and content are different, it is not the same as ordinary kraft paper.
Ordinary kraft paper is yellow on both sides, but coated kraft paper is yellow on one side and white on the other. This is for better and convenient carton packaging. The finished product is easier to print before, so the fiber of this kind of kraft paper comes from this way.

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