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writable kraft paper tape size、thickness & texture!

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The common specification of eco friendly kraft paper tape is 787mm, 889mm, 1092mm, 1194mm. Lithography specifications are generally 787mm * 1092mm positive, 889mm * 1194mm. These are more conventional, but also more stable source of goods.
1. Single light writable kraft paper tape: the weight is from 20g to 220g, and the door width is complete. It meets the food grade standard and can directly contact food.
2. Ordinary writable kraft paper tape: the weight is from 30g to 220g, and the door width is complete, which meets the food grade standard and does not contain fluorescent agent.
Among them, 60g ~ 90g paper is rich in varieties, especially suitable for packaging, paper bags, valve bags, paper plastic compliance bags and other industries.
100g ~ 220g paper variety is rich, especially suitable for packaging, handbag and other industries. They are all imported writable kraft paper tapes, and their production areas cover Sweden, Japan, Australia, Finland, the United States, Canada, Russia and other famous international paper manufacturers.
3. One side of paperboard is white and the other side is yellow: 100g ~ 600g. All kinds of doors are suitable for printing, paper box, carton and other industries.
4. Paper for special industries: silicone oil paper, oil proof and moisture-proof paper, coated and writable kraft paper tape, corrugated paper, color card paper, wrinkle paper, etc.
Thickness of writable kraft paper tape: the gram weight of writable kraft paper tape is related to the thickness, and the thickness of high gram paper tape is generally thick. In the process of forming, the fiber arrangement, pressing pressure and fiber raw materials will affect the bulk thickness, and the simplest way is to adjust the thickness by pressing changes. When the pressure is high, the thickness is small. The coefficient for calculating the thickness of the writable kraft paper tape is 100 g / m2 in GSM.

Uneven paper thickness, will lead to overprinter and imprint depth is not the same, when the thickness of the same sheet is not uniform, it is more likely to lead to unclear handwriting and color inconsistency, so the thickness control is very important.
Can write kraft paper tape lines, a roll of paper, with a wide width, length. Width refers to the height of a roll of paper, and length is the direction of the paper grain. We often say that the positive degree is 787mm * 1092mm, 1092mm is the grain of paper. The same size 889mm * 1194mm, 1194 is the texture of paper. Generally do cartons, color boxes, hand bags, etc. are required to have lines.

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